Restringing a Yamaha c7 grand piano


Piano Repairs

Precision Piano Tuning offers a mobile piano repair service. Most minor repairs are affordable and can be completed in the home environment. Some common in home repairs are:


 - String replacement
 - Key Top repairs
 - Broken or Missing Hammers
 - Sticking or sluggish notes
 - Reshaping Worn Hammers
 - Repairing worn piano parts




Piano Tuning is only part of an overall piano service.   A full piano service looks after the rigorous touch and tone of the piano.

The action is the mechanical part of the piano that transfers the motion of the fingers on the keys to the hammers that strike the strings. There are over 35 points of adjustments per note on a grand piano and 25 points on an upright piano.  Each note requires adjustments to critical tolerances to be able to respond to a pianist's every command.  Regulation attends to the touch and uniform responsiveness, all vital to making each performance pleasurable. In addition, regulation ensures that your instrument is capable of producing a wide dynamic range, a critical factor particularly in pianissimo passages.

Most manufacturers recommend Pianos be regulated at a minimum  frequency of 5 year.

Minor piano service (regulation) work is included as part of the piano tuning service.  A full piano service (regulation) is a time intensive process.  Contact Stephen Peters (ARPT) for a Quote.

Piano Servicing action

Hammer Voicing

Hammer Voicing

Voicing is when an experienced technician modifies the pianos tone intensity and quality.  There are no right or wrong tonal style, except to ensure that the tone should be even throughout the piano.(/span>