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Stephen from Precision Piano Tuning is one of a handful of certified piano technicians that sell quality second hand pianos straight from the workshop.  We strive to ensure all our customers get the finest tuning, maintenance work and advice with each piano. As a professional musician in his own right, Stephen pays careful attention to the sound, performance and appearance of his pianos.


All our pianos are professionally prepared.  All pianos are checked for structural stability, maintenance and repair of moving components, and careful attention to cabinet work.



All our pianos come with a generous warranty,  First FREE tuning and FREE Delivery to Melbourne Metro,  Mornington and Yarra Valley that has standard access.


Feel Free to Contact us on 0447 073 267 to make an appointment to inspect our pianos.

Yamaha Gb1

Yamaha GB1 Baby Grand


FREE first tuning, 10 year Warranty and Delivery (*some conditions apply)

This piano is in excellent condition.  It has been tuned to (A440) Concert pitch, fully regulated and voiced.  For a small grand piano, the GB1 produces a broad dynamic range with superb sound.   The GB1, is a popular choice for locations where space is somewhat limited, with full resonant tone comparable to that of many substantially larger models.   Why pay more than $13995.00 on the same piano new.

All our pianos are professionally prepared by industry professionals.  We are rare few certified piano technicians that sell preloved pianos direct to the public.  This is your assurance that your getting a quality instrument that will last.

KAWAI (KS3F) - 128cm

sold.... More coming soon


Our pianos include free standard delivery where reasonable access is provided.

Additional Delivery charges may apply where more than 5 steps are involved in a row,  steep or off camber driveways. The use of a crane is required

kawai 1