Precision piano tuning is one of a handful of qualified piano technicians that sells direct to the public.  

All our pianos are fully inspected for structural issues,  pulled down and cleaned,  parts replaced and refurbished where required.  The pianos are tuned several times in the workshop to get a stable tune into the piano.

All pianos sold come with the FREE first in home tune and generous warranty.  We can even arrange for your piano to be moved by professional piano movers.


Yamaha U3H Professional Grade Upright


This is a professional grade, full sized Upright u3h Yamaha Piano.    Yamaha are well known for their quality build pianos and responsive action.  It still has a fantastic sounding bass end and good tonal characteristics through the mid to high end.  This piano has had a professional grade setup completed that is aimed at the professional player.  Comes with a 5 year warranty

Yamaha upright u3 for sale
Yamaha u3 for sale

Kawai CE7 Upright - Black - Console 108cm


Don’t let the size of this piano put you of purchasing a quality built Japanese Piano.   Kawai pianos are a direct competitor to Yamaha built pianos but offer different tonal characteristics.  Kawai have a darker and in some cases warmer tone than Yamaha in the same make and class.  These pianos were built for beginner to intermediate players with limited space..  so ideal for apartments and bedroom settings.  Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Yamaha T116 - Polished Mahogany


This Yamaha piano was one of the last pianos built in this series.  It is a studio class upright piano standing at 116cm tall.  These pianos were marketed for  teachers and students of music and were known to be a good work horse piano.  These  pianos were a close cousin to the Yamaha  U1 piano but in a smaller frame and cheaper cabinet.  Built more for the budget conscious in mind without compromising on quality of action/string components.  The current jx113 series in mahogany retail for $7500.  The jx113 is a slightly smaller piano than the t116…so why pay more.  Comes with a 5 year warranty

KAWAI BL61 - Full professional - Black


The Kawai BL61 is professional grade piano built in direct competition to the high end Yamaha u3 builds in its era.  The piano stands at 132cm tall.   The bass strings sound excellent and still has great tone through out and still has many years of life left.   The Piano has had comprehensive regulation, tuning done to get the most out of it and as a result it has suburb touch and feel.  The piano has been priced  accordingly for a quick sale. Normally you would be looking at a student piano for this price however this piano will certainly deliver a performance that can’t be beat for under $5000!

Kawai Upright piano for sale

German Upright - 2 crown Richard Lipp

$Sold... more coming soon

Richard Lipp & Sons was established in stuttgart Germany and was Germany most prestigious piano builders.  These pianos were made of very high quality and now rare select tonewoods, including birds eye maple side boards, pin block and maple key beds. 

This is a stunning piano and is a true antique instrument that offers a well rounded sound and player experience.  suitable for the casual intermediate player, student and teacher.  Piano is tuned to a440 concert pitch.  Comes with a 3 year warranty