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PROFESSIONAL – PRECISE – TRUSTED : A Yamaha Certified & Australian Registered Piano Technician.

” I take great pride and effort with every piano tune and repair in and around melbourne.”

– Stephen Peters (Precision Piano Tuning)

Piano Tuning Services

A Melbourne Piano Tuner and more...

Have you ever considered what goes into the construction and inner workings of a piano? A Piano needs to be precisely calibrated to get the right sound and feel. Which is why a professional is needed, to get the best possible performance and sound from your piano.   

Being professionally trained,  We bring experience and understanding of the intricate workings of your piano. In addition to this, we bring an Artist ear to every service.  This is your assurance that we are bringing you the highest standards in aural tuning.

So if you’re searching for a piano tuner or repair service around Melbourne,  then look no further.  I offer you comprehensive servicing, servicing like Professional Piano Tuning, repairs, Piano moving and pianos for sale.  We cover the Eastern,  Northern,  Southern and outer eastern of Suburbs.  We also service many regional Victoria locations.

Quality, Value and Outstanding Customer Service is our commitment,  which is why Melbourne chooses us for their piano tuning and repair needs.

Piano Repairs Specialist

Melbourne Piano Repairs Services and more....

Deciding to restore or repair your piano can be a difficult decision,  particularly if it has been in the family for a long time.  This is why time is taken to give you honest, practical and professional advise in steering you in the right direction.

All piano repair work we undertake is guaranteed, with most smaller repairs being able to be completed in-home.  Because we can do in-home repairs,  you will save on time and money. The more serious and time-consuming repairs can be arranged to be completed in our fully equipped workshop.

 We repair and service popular brands like YamahaKawaiAlex Steinbach and C.Bechstein, but other popular brands are repaired.

Whether its an Upright or Grand piano, Old or New, we are here to help you. Which is why we are the choice repairer for many pianos owned across Melbourne.

Piano Sales Melbourne

Melbourne Piano Sales and more...

Specialist piano technicians are hard to find, and ones that sell quality pre-loved pianos are even harder to find.  We take great pride and effort in preparing every piano sold.   Because we can sell pianos direct from the workshop,  you can make a huge saving on popular brands like Yamaha, Kawai and Alex Steinbach. (to name a few)

It can be a daunting task to buy a piano. That is why we take the time to sit down and ask you questions like:

  • Are you just starting or a professional player?
  • What type of space is your piano going into?
  • How many people will be playing the piano?
  • How long do you want the piano to last you for?

A good quality preloved piano will give many years of joy and satisfaction.  Why not put your best foot forward into you, or your child’s music education.

PRE-Purchase Piano inspections

Pre-Purchase Piano Inspections Bring Peace Of Mind

There are many myths about owning a piano, a big one is “if it’s cheap and looks good, it will only need a tune”.  This is simply not true, and sadly for many unsuspecting people, such pianos are either not serviceable, or a significant amount of money is required to fix them.  That is why, we recommend to have a professional look over the piano, before committing to your purchase.

piano inspection is a relatively cheap service in the scheme of owning an old worn out piano.  Feel free to contact us for any free advice regarding your next piano purchase.

Is your Piano Technician Accredited?

The modern piano is an expensive and precisely calibrated investment.  So in the right hands,  your piano will give you many years of use and joy.  

certification as a registered piano technician
Registered ARPT piano Technician
authorized Yamaha Piano tuner agent
Yamaha service agent