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A Melbourne Piano Tuner, repairer & acoustic Piano sales.

Offering Professional piano tuning, repairs and sales of acoustic pianos around Melbourne.  Trust in Precision Piano Tuning for the best sound and feel your piano can deliver.


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Servicing most makes and models around Melbourne

PROFESSIONAL – PRECISE – TRUSTED : A Yamaha Certified Australian Registered Piano Technician.

” I take great pride and effort with every piano tune and repair in and around melbourne.”

– Stephen Peters (Precision Piano Tuning)

Piano Tuning Services

Why should I use a qualified Piano Tuner?

Do you know how a piano works? It needs to be calibrated precisely to sound and feel just right. That’s why you need a professional to get the best performance from your piano. We’re professionally trained and have experience with the inner workings of your piano. Our Artist’s ear ensures the highest tuning standards. If you’re looking for piano services in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. We offer comprehensive services like professional tuning, repairs, moving and even pianos for sale. We cover many suburbs around Melbourne and even some regional locations in Victoria. Our commitment to quality, value and outstanding customer service makes us the perfect choice for all your piano needs.

Piano Repairs Specialist

Are piano repairs expensive?

It can be tough to decide whether to repair or restore an old family piano. We are here to help with honest, practical, and professional advice. We can fix most small problems in your home, which saves you money and time. If there are more serious issues, we can arrange to fix them in our fully equipped workshop. We repair popular brands such as Yamaha, Kawai, Alex Steinbach, and C. Bechstein. Whether your piano is upright or grand, old or new, we are here to help you. That’s why many piano owners in Melbourne choose us to repair their pianos.

Piano Sales Melbourne

Where can I Buy quality Pre-loved Pianos?

It’s hard to find good piano technicians. We sell quality used pianos and take great care in getting them ready to sell. Since we sell them straight from our workshop, you can save a lot on brands like Yamaha, Kawai, and Alex Steinbach. We know buying a piano can be tough, so we take the time to ask you questions.

  • Are you just starting or a professional player?
  • What type of space is your piano going into?
  • How many people will be playing the piano?
  • How long do you want the piano to last you for?

Get a great used piano for long-lasting enjoyment. Invest in quality for you, or your child’s musical education.

PRE-Purchase Piano inspections

Should I have a Piano inspected prior to purchasing?

There are a lot of wrong ideas about owning a piano. One of them is that if a piano is cheap and looks nice, then it only needs a tune-up. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Many of these pianos can’t be fixed, or it takes a lot of money to do so. That’s why it’s important to have a professional check out the piano before buying it. A piano inspection is a cheap way to make sure you’re not buying a bad piano. If you need advice on buying a piano, feel free to contact us.

Is your Piano Technician Accredited?

The modern piano is an expensive and precisely calibrated investment.  So in the right hands,  your piano will give you many years of use and joy.  

certification as a registered piano technician
Registered ARPT piano Technician
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