Pre-purchase Piano Inspection

A pre-purchase piano inspection is an important service for the inexperienced piano player. There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a new piano.  Like the size of the room,  the ability of the player and what the general use will be. Answering these questions in most cases will help make a more informed decision.

Because the modern piano is a complicated instrument and is made up of over 9000 moving parts.    Over time, parts become worn out and in some situations the piano is beyond economical repair.

Frequently I find people looking at free pianos or extremely low priced piano.  My experience here is that you’re normally buying someone else problems. So for peace of mind, I highly recommended a piano inspection. As an inspection can save you hundreds of dollars in moving & repair costs.  

I offer two piano inspection service types for the Melbourne Region.  The most popular choice being the basic service package.  I also provide piano valuation services.  This service type fits under the comprehensive service package.

Basic Piano Inspection

Our basic inspection package includes the following 

Comprehensive Piano Inspection

Our Comprehensive piano inspection package includes the following