Pianos For Sale

 I am one of a handful of qualified piano technicians that have quality pianos for sale Melbourne.  You can make huge savings as we sell direct to the public from the workshop.  All our piano are first fully inspected for structural issues, pulled down and cleaned, parts replaced or refurbished as required.  The pianos are tuned several times in the work shop to get a stable tune.  

All piano sales come with a FREE  in home tune and generous piano warranty and I will even sometimes throw in a free stool.  I will even arrange for your piano to be moved by professional piano movers.  All prices are inclusive of GST and I will cover 1/2 the cost of the piano delivery.

Wurlitzer - 126cm - Walnut


This Wurlizer pianos was direct competitors to the yamaha and kawai piano market but offer different tonal characteristics.  These pianos were built for intermediate and institutional player in mind to give great tonal characteristics and player performance in mind without blowing the budget.  The internal action has been well maintained, and will wow you with its crisp, bright sound and powerful bass response.  The action still provides responsive dynamics when playing and is suitable for the intermediate to advance player

Comes with a matching stool , 3 year warranty, 1 free tuning and Free delivery 

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano - Professional - 186cm - Black


Yamaha are well known for their quality built pianos and responsive actions.  It still has a fantastic sounding bass end and good tonal characteristics through the mid to high range. This piano has had a professional grade setup that is aimed at Teachers, or advanced players.  Comes with 10 year warranty, Free first tune, Free Stool, Piano Cover

Kawai KL502 - 126cm- Polished mahogany - professional

$Sold more Piano coming soon

Here’s something you don’t see very often!  This 48″ Kawai KL502 professional upright piano has the long strings and big sound of an institutional piano, but with a striking polished cherrywood cabinet that really makes it stand out from the crowd!  In fact, you can’t even find this kind of cabinet on a new Kawai!  The internal action has been well maintained, and will wow you with its crisp, bright sound and bass response.   Don’t wait on this one, you might not see anything like it again!  Comes with a 3 year warranty, free first tuning.

Piano Tuner Doncaster selling upright piano