Piano Tuning Services Melbourne

Our aim and commitment is to provide, a Great Value and Quality Piano Tuning Services to you.  Maximising the performance of your piano.

Standard Piano tuning

Where possible, We will tune your piano to concert pitch (A440).  In some cases your piano will not be able to be tuned to concert pitch. This is due to the age and wear of the components in the piano.  Therefore, a lower pitch may be need to be set in order to achieve a level of tuning stability.  We call this relative pitch.

Most Manufactures, recommend, pianos be tuned at 6 or 12 month intervals.  More frequent tuning cycles is particularly important for new pianos, as the strings may be still settling.  We find that in most home situations, once every 12 months will suffice most peoples needs.  We do recommend you tune your piano more frequently, for pianos with a heavy work load. This is particularly important for music students, schools and institutions. 

A Standard Piano Tuning service takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Standard Tuning Service Includes

  • Tuning your piano to a440 or relative pitch.
  • Completing Minor Hammer voicing as required.
  • Inspect the internal components on your piano action.
  • Check the regulation of your piano.
  • Perform minor adjustments to your piano action as required.

Our tuning services specialise in many popular brands like, Yamaha, Kawai, Alex steinbach, Shimmel, C.BechsteinSteinwayPetrofBosendorfer, Wertheim, Ronisch and Richard lipps, to name a few.  Feel free to contact us for any other questions pertaining to a standard tuning service.

Major Piano tuning Service

A major tuning service may be necessary on your piano, if your piano has not been tuned for many years.  The same can occur if your piano is subject to extreme changes in your indoor conditions.  The problem with both situations, is the impact it has on tuning stability.

 A major tuning service requires a couple of passes on your piano before a final tune is competed.  We can normally complete this in the same visit, with additional visits being necessary if your piano was well down on pitch.

We allow at least 2 hours with your piano, in completing a Major Tuning Service.  Our service items include 

Major Tuning Service Includes

  • Inspect the action components of your piano for wear.
  • Carry out a minimum of two tuning passes on your piano.
  • We Complete major adjustments to your action. (conditions apply)
  •  Complete a fine tune  on your piano to A440 concert pitch or relative pitch.
  •  Check the regulation of your piano.
  •  Undertake minor hammer voicing to your piano.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions .

Why Does my piano go out of tune?

Watch this short presentation on “why my piano goes out of tune”.  This is the reason why we recommend, an annual tuning service. The main reasons are summarised below: