Melbourne Piano Repairs & servicing

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Piano repairs

Your piano is a wonderfully made and complex instrument, and like a car, your piano may requires repairs & servicing during its lifetime. Tuning your piano is only one aspect of looking after your piano, as tuning only deals with the sounds your piano produces. 

An equally important part of maintaining your piano is servicing the internal action.  This is called piano regulation, and this deals with the touch, tone and responsiveness of your piano action.  

Regulation ensures that you are getting the most performance out of your piano, which is why we recommend to consider a periodic regulation service to your piano.

What to consider when booking piano repairs & servicing.

There are a few things we like you consider when you book a piano repair or internal action service with us.

  • How long has the piano been in your family?
  • Is your piano going to be used for learning?
  • Are you wanting to keep your piano for a long time?
  • Is your piano a candidate for restoration?
  • Are the repairs going to exceed the monetary value of your piano?
  • When was the last time your piano was tuned? 

Sadly not all pianos are candidates for repairs or servicing.  The investment in some cases can be significant.  We are here to assist you make an informed decision, about the repairs and servicing needs of your piano.  Feel free to Contact us with any questions.

General repairs

 We can complete most general repairs in your home, saving you time and money.  The types of general repairs we frequently do in the home include:

  • String replacement
  • Key top replacement
  • Hammer replacement
  • Damper head replacement
  • Correct sluggish and sticking piano keys
  • Internal Piano clean
  • Replacement of action parts (the engine of the piano)

Full Piano service

The piano has more than 9000 moving parts, and is the mechanical engine of your piano. It transfers the motion of your fingers, from the keys, to the hammers that strike the strings in your piano.  Below is a summary of what an action service covers.

  • Touch – The ability for you to play loud and soft
  • Voicing – Consistency of the tone across each note in your piano.
  • Responsiveness – Ability for you play fast and slow pieces of music.
  • Piano tuning – Adjusts the frequency of each piano string in the piano.

A full piano service is a time intensive process, therefore can be a fair investment. In situations where your piano action hasn’t been serviced in a long time,  it can take up to 2.5 days to complete.  Most manufacturers recommend, like Yamaha and Kawai, specify to complete a full service on your piano, once every 5 years.  

We find for most domestic homes, once every 10 years is sufficient to keep your piano in top working condition.

Is your Piano Repairer Accredited ?

Watch this short presentation to understand about piano regulation.